Norwell Youth Cheerleading Rules, Regulations
& Helpful Information

  1. NYC CODE OF CONDUCT: As with any organized sport, NYC has a Code of Conduct which all participants are required to follow. Poor conduct reflects on the NYC organization as a whole.  We hold the bar high for our cheerleaders and we expect the following behavior. 
  • Cooperative and positive participation - no general misconduct or disruption before, during or after practice, games, competition or any other organized NYC activity.
  • Absolute respect for all - no inciting and/or engaging in un-sportsman-like conduct whether directed at other teams, individual cheerleaders, coaches, student coaches, teams from other towns, competition directors etc. This includes use of abusive or profane language or gestures. No belittling, cyber bullying or bullying other cheerleaders whether in school or outside school.
  • Absolutely no smoking, drinking or drugs – this will NOT be tolerated at any time or any place – whether at an organized NYC event or NOT.
  • When a cheerleader is in an NYC uniform & pom-poms, behavior should be exemplary and reflect respect for self and others.
  • NO BACKYARD STUNTING – meaning NO stunting anywhere there is NOT NYC certified coach supervision.
  • Social Media - NYC Cheerleaders are to conduct themselves in a way that is a positive representation of NYC and Norwell. This applies to social media behavior in and out of season. Inappropriate postings that speak negatively towards teammates, coaches, student coaches or other athletes are considered a serious code violation. Additionally, social media may not be used to discuss or post pictures of practice or routine details.
  1. DISCIPLINE FOR CODE VIOLATIONS: NYC takes these codes very seriously and violations are subject to discipline as follows:
  • First Violation: Two game benching. Cheerleader must come to the game dressed in uniform, sit attentively on the sidelines and conduct themselves appropriately.
  • Second Violation: Removed from program.
  • Cost is $250.00 for the season and includes the NYC uniform.  Extra costs: sneakers. 
  • Registration is open March 1- August 1.  There are no refunds. 
  • Cheerleader must live in Norwell and be in 3rd-8th grade. Each team is limited to maximum 30 for safety reasons.
  • Cheerleader must meet all attendance requirements throughout the season.
  1. CHEERLEADING SEASON REQUIREMENTS: All cheerleaders must participate in all practices and games.
  • Coaches: NYC coaches are Norwell High school Varsity Cheerleaders. 
  • Practices are twice a week and one game on the weekend.
  • Summer Practice: Summer practice for all teams begin in August. Exact date and times will be posted after registration. 
  • Football Season: The football season begins in September and can run into November with playoff games and the Superbowl game. Games are once a week and are held either Saturday or Sunday.   Parents must provide transportation. The game schedule is on the NYF website.  Parents will be notified of changes by email, text or social media.
  1. ATTENDANCE POLICY: Practices and games are mandatory with the exception of religious holiday, sports tryout, illness or severe injury. Remember this is a commitment.  Cheerleading is a team sport.
  1. PRACTICE RULES AND ATTIRE: Athletes must wear approved cheerleading shoes at all practices. No athlete will be allowed to practice without these shoes.
  • Athletes may not wear nylon shorts or anything with drawstrings, pockets or decoration which could catch a hand or foot. Tank tops must have 2-inch shoulder straps. Briefs must be worn under shorts.
  • No nail polish, makeup or jewelry are allowed (which includes stud earrings – there can be no exceptions for athletes just having their ears pierced). Nails must be trimmed and not extend over the top of the fingers. Hair must be held back in a ponytail. This includes bangs if they are in their eyes. Every requirement mentioned above is due to safety factors.
  • An injury should be reported immediately to your coach.
  • No gum chewing.
  • No cell phone use.
  • Athletes must come to practice with water to prevent dehydration. It is suggested they also wear sunscreen as appropriate and bring bug spray.
  1. GAME RULES AND ATTIRE: Uniforms should be clean and consist of skirt, top, sneakers and warm-ups.
  • Game attire – Based on weather forecast athletes will be instructed on what should be worn to the game (ie cool weather might dictate that athletes wear their warm-up pants in addition to their skirt and top). Weather changes may make it necessary for athletes to change once they arrive.  Cheerleaders must bring bows, pom poms warm ups etc to all games regardless of the weather. 
  • Cheerleaders must arrive 1 hour before game time. This hour allows for organized stretching and any reworking of formations for half-time routines due to any late /absent athletes.
  • During sidelines athletes are expected to stay in their lines, be attentive and conduct themselves appropriately with no extra talking or ”fooling around”. The only cheerleaders speaking are the captains and co-captains.
  • Athletes must stay with their team at all times.

NYC Communication: NYC communicates primarily through email.


During practices and games it is imperative that parents/guardians or emergency contact be available by phone.


Cancellations of practices or games due to rain will be communicated as early as possible via website posting, email or text. Please know that every effort is made to let parents know in a timely manner.

Each team has a volunteer parent or 2 who serves as the coordinator for communication specific to their team.  Team parent will provide teams with all information needed for each game, and they will serve as the “go-to” person for questions not specific to the coaches. Volunteer parent must be at each game and practice. 

Parent concerns - Any parent (or cheerleader) concerns should be addressed with the appropriate adult coach prior to, or at the end of a practice/game/event or via email. Coaches are not able to give any discussion the full attention it deserves during practices/games or events due to their responsibility to the cheerleaders.


Please remember that all we do is for the benefit and safety of the cheerleaders. Your involvement is important and greatly needed. Parental participation also makes the cheerleaders feel good knowing you are involved in their activities.


Fundraising:  NYC will fundraise throughout the year.

Uniforms: Uniforms are property of NYC.  Uniforms are to be returned at the end of season. The parent is responsible for any damage done to the uniform and will be required to replace the uniform.   

Picture Day: Pictures are taken on a regularly scheduled practice or game day and taken prior to practice.  Picture forms will be distributed to the athletes the week prior and must be completed and returned with payment on the day of pictures. Purchasing pictures are not mandatory.

The most important rules in cheerleading...

You are a cheerleader!

It is an honor and a privilege to be part of this organization.

It is very important that you all get along with each other.


You are a TEAM.

Remember you are all on the same team representing the same organization!

You must work as one team.

If a cheerleader is struggling, please do not ridicule, but help them.

It makes you a better person and makes your team stronger.

Feelings are important.

Treat someone as you want to be treated.

Be proud and stand by each other.

When an injury may have resulted in a concussion, for their safety, no athlete will be allowed to continue practice and their parent called right away,

Uniforms may not be worn at any event other than those approved or organized by NYC.